New Findings and Old Friends

Mike had another appointment at UNC last Thursday. This was to review the results of the various tests he endured over the past month, to determine if any of the medications were helping and to determine the "next step" in his journey.

They did find one thing that can be treated, but the doctor said she doesn't believe that the real cause of all of the problems. I was a little torn hearing this...good, you found something you can fix. Bad, you need to figure out what else is broken. Two steps forward, one step back? I'll take anything at this point.

She also briefly talked through a few scary things. She didn't want to be alarming (seriously?), but she was. Still, we still have hope that they'll figure this out.

I'm reminded how lucky we are to live so close to UNC. Actually, I complain to myself each time we drive there because it's much farther than WakeMed or Rex. But, when we arrive and I realize how many people have driven hours or days to get's puts life back in perspective. Walking through the lobby area of the Childrens' Hospital, my eyes get a little wet and I thank God for our healthy (strong-willed) daughter.

A good friend of mine, from high school, works at UNC. We don't stay in touch nearly as well as we should, but who does anymore. Mike met her years ago (geez, we're getting old). Anyway, as we're walking through the lobby and I'm off in lala land (thinking about random things, not really paying attention), he says, "There's your buddy." I look up, wondering what he's talking about. Of course, I quickly realize who he's talking about. I catch up to her and it's great seeing her. Immediately, my head fills with silly memories that we shared, so many years ago. For her benefit, I'll list a few. Most of you will have no idea what any of these mean...but she knows :-)

Southtrust parking lot, Super Kmart, knowing just how well some things can stick to a car, southern girls have two first names (and the same last name too!), intials on backpacks, and of course - band

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