Happy Birthday to Me (Two Weeks Early)

As an adult, I've never really been very into my birthday. I'm all for celebrating everyone else's, but I don't really put much thought or effort into celebrating my own.

Well, yesterday afternoon, my sweet hubby and adorable daughter surprised me with an early birthday present (or two). I've been wanting a new handbag for a while. But, I've had trouble finding exactly what I want. I have a couple of Vera Bradley bags from years ago, but I tend to migrate to the standard black (on rare occasion brown) leather or leather-like structured handbag. Whenever I get one, I would feel a little let down once I realized it looked almost exactly like all the others ones. A couple of weeks ago, I found a handbag that I loved at Kohl's. It was totally different for me...it was orange (use your imagination with the color...I couldn't find a pic online). Almost a pumpkin orange.

After having some "girl" time at Starbucks with a friend (we needed to do some catching up), Mike and Abby picked me up and we headed home. At home, Mike asked me to get the last bag out of the truck. I thought I was getting the last grocery bag. But, I wasn't. They went to Kohl's and bought the last one! I was really surprised. I think I may have even been speechless at first. Of course, I immediately went inside and started transfering items from the old bag to the new one. Then, I noticed there was something else. That's right, a brown wallet (clutch style without the Hobo price).

I'm loving my birthday presents. They were absolutely perfect.

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Sues said...

I love this post!!! I love that you got girl time and early bday presents!!! I feel like as adults, our bdays are so easily under-appreciated and that any bit of extra attention & celebration is SO meaningful! YAY for thoughtful families!!!!

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