Back to School 2010

Abby officially started First Grade this morning. *sniff, sniff*
She was super excited to arrive at school and see one of her summer camp counselors directing the early arrivals program at her school. (This wasn't a surprise to us, but it still made Abby extra happy.)

On Monday afternoon, we visited Abby's new school during "Meet the Teacher." When we first arrived, I was so glad to see the lack of parking. It brought a smile to my face to see how involved parents were (already). For some of you, this may seem like a silly observation, but I can say this isn't true for all schools and parent/community involvement is very important.

We toured around the school, finding Abby's classroom and meeting her teacher. Abby was somewhat shy at first. I think she was psyching herself out about being "the new kid." She really hit it off with the teacher's assistant and seemed to enjoy talking with her teacher.

Abby's whole attitude changed when we saw the YMCA staff for before school. I think it helped Abby to see someone she knows...and spent the entire summer with. That chased the shyness away and she was ready for anything.

We finished touring the school and decided to return on Tuesday to get a carpool number. We weren't interested in waiting in a long line on Monday evening. Abby was disappointed that she couldn't get a school t-shirt, but I'm sure we'll have a chance to purchase from the PTA later on. She was thrilled to get a car magnet (which she placed proudly on the back of Mike's truck) and a school sticker (which Mike placed proudly on his back window).

Tuesday was a full day:
8am doctor's appt for Mike
9:15 doctor's appt for Abby (never knew it would require 4 adults to hold down a 51 lb girl who DID NOT want a shot)
10:45 drop Mike off at home
11:50 dentist appt for me (no cavities - woohoo!!!)
1pm lunch with Abby at mall (and exchange stuff at Belk's)
2pm dentist appt for Abby (no cavities - woohoo!!!)
2:45 pick-up carpool tag at school and drop-off extra school supplies for classroom
3pm return stuff and make final school supply purchase at Target
3:45 treat Abby to Locopops on Hillsborough St (I HATE round-a-bouts!)
4:30 home for a 30 minute nap
5pm pool for an hour with Abby
6pm home, dinner, wash clothes, label remaining school supplies, write birthday cards for GAs...

You get the idea.

As I was putting Abby to bed last night, I decided to tell her that I will be one of her leaders in GA's on Wednesday nights at church. Our kick-off is tonight and I wasn't sure how she'd react if she found out during class. The look on her face and the big hug were priceless. She's very excited to have me as a leader. Tonight will be a short 15 minutes to introduce ourselves to the girls and parents. The real classes start next Wednesday.

The last thing I remember as I went to sleep last night was praying for God's hand to guide Abby and protect her. I just know this is going to be a great year for all of us. I feel so blessed and can't wait to see what God has in store for us.


Sues said...

You are such a great mom!!!!! You will be such a blessing to her & your other GAs.

What did Abby need a shot for? Will & Sis both got 4 or 5 at their 4-year well-checks and don't need anymore (except flu) until they're 11.

Ha - we even have a roundabout in our neighborhood!

Locopops sound DIVINE!!!

Phyllis said...

She had to have the Hepatitis A booster. She got the first one at age 1. If I remember correctly, we had the option to get it at the 5 year check-up, but we declined.

Thanks for the kind words :-)

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