August - the month of *new*?

I know, we're only 4 days into August, but I think I'm going to make August my month of *new*. Laugh if you must, but I've been in such a rut for the past few weeks/months, I decided I needed to try something(s) new.

Don't get carried away. No skydiving or bungee jumps. Just a few small things that seem to be having a positive impact.

1 - New make-up: I'm not the poster child for putting my best beauty foot forward. I never have been. I love the way make-up looks, but I never seemed to be able to make it look good myself. Or, if I can, it costs a fortune. I decided to give it another try, so I popped into Target and bought some stuff from Neutrogena - eye shadow and foundation. I love that they aren't too expensive (think Clinique or Lancome), but both have SPF and they stay on all day long!

2 - Curly hair: God blessed me with natural curl. As I get older, I keep trying to remind myself that curls are a blessing. People pay money to have curls. People spend hours trying to get curls. Alas, I still own 2 flat-irons and I periodically try to achieve perfectly straight hair. Of course, living in the South during the summer makes straight hair nearly impossible. For me, it makes un-frizzy hair nearly impossible too. While perusing the clearance cart at Harris Teeter, I stumbled on this - Shaping Milk from Tresemme. I've never found a product for curly hair that doesn't a) make my hair crispy, b) make my hair look greasy or wet, or c) smell icky. I figured this was worth a try because the label indicated "soft" and it didn't smell bad at all. And, well, the price was $1.67, so I figured it was worth a shot. I love this stuff! Love. Love. Love. I would even venture to say, I like my hair (make a note of that...because that NEVER happens). Now, I've just go to find it somewhere else, because HT put it in the clearance cart to get rid of it and they don't have anymore :-(

3 - Eating Healthy: yes, I've tried this before and I always fall back into my bad habits. I'm hoping this time will be the last time. Three days in and I've done fairly well. I'm trying to focus less on calories, fat, etc. and focus more on the quality of the food and finding the right mix for me (protein, carbs, etc). I love Luna Bars. I find them to be great in the afternoon to keep me from being hungry between lunch and dinner. I think LemonZest and S'mores are my current favorites, but I haven't tried all of the yet.

There are a few other things I'd like to try...more accurately, new habits I'd like to develop. We'll see how that goes.

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ML said...

You look beautiful with or without makeup and hair stuff!! You are stunningly gorgeous as you are.

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