Ah, Raleigh...the City of Oaks...home to NC State...and now home to the most ridiculous excuse for a traffic pattern!

Read here about the newest roundabout in Raleigh. In an effort to save money and whatever else, Raleigh now has a roundabout near the NC State belltower that is sometimes 1 lane and sometimes 2 (depending on where you enter the roundabout). We drove through in the past week or so and I was drop-jaw as Mike navigated. People looked completely lost. By the time you read all the signs and verbiage on the road, you've already exited or you're lost...trying to figure out how to stop going 'round.

Makes me wonder what people are thinking sometimes ~ or wonder why the weren't!

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Leslie said...

We have one of those at Cabarrus Ave and Old Charlotte Road. No one is sure WHY we have one.... but it's there.

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