Hostage in my House

Our beagle, Bojo, decided to wake up around 6:15 this morning. He didn't get the holiday memo. I dragged out of bed and we headed out for a quick walk. Before we hit the end of our driveway, we were "greeted" by a white and tan dog. He looked very much like Bojo, but different colors and a little skinnier.

Normally, Bojo likes encountering other dogs. Normally, other dogs are on leashes with their humans. Today, Bojo just got very still and moved in front of me. No tail wagging, no sniffing. Just staring. The other dog, we'll call him Khaki, just sniffed Bojo, and me, up and down.

I noticed his fur seemed a little ruffled around his if he had a collar but had somehow escaped or lost it. He seemed very friendly. Almost too friendly. Ok, nice dog. Whatever. Then, when Bojo and I tried to leave the driveway and head out on our walk, Khaki wouldn't leave. Nope. He was stuck to Bojo like glue. Still, happy and tail wagging. Bojo still unhappy (and wanting to go to the bathroom).

Fine. We'll just go back into the house until Khaki leaves. That shouldn't take too long. WRONG! It took me almost 10 minutes to get back into the house because Khaki followed us to the door. I was able to get Bojo in, but Khaki kept trying to force his way past me into our house. When I finally got inside, Khaki started howling like beagles do and scratching our door. At this point, I was a little unnerved. We woke Mike up because I really wasn't sure what to do. Bojo and I were being held hostage by a 25lb dog that we didn't know.

Mike's first concern was that Khaki might be sick. Neither of us had ever seen the dog before, so we're pretty sure he doesn't belong to any neighbors. For now, we're just waiting for animal control to pick him up. Otherwise, Bojo can't leave the house.

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Oh, no! That breaks my heart!!!

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