A Slow Start to the Week

Since his return to work last Wednesday, Mike's been doing pretty well. Obviously, he still hasn't felt completely "normal," but he's surviving. Until last night. He was up sick most of the night. At home today, he is quite miserable and I feel helpless. I'm still praying for continued and long-term healing. I'm not sure which is worse...thinking your getting better, only to stumble backwards...or just being stuck in the same place.

This morning was a chance for God to challenge me silly. Today was the first official day of summer camp for Abby. Here are just a few of the *opportunities* we came across this morning:
1. Couldn't find top for tankini...so Abby had to decide between her old one piece or mismatched top and bottoms (she opted for the one piece)
2. My lunch was supposed to be a salad, but we were running late (as usual) and there was no time for salad prep.
3. Water bottle...Abby broke (don't ask) one of her water bottles last week. One of the pieces from another water bottle is missing. Needless to say, we walked right out the door without thinking about the water bottle. I remembered after I got to work...so I ran out to deliver my water bottle to her. I'm not holding my breath that my water bottle will be in good condition when I pick her up this afternoon. The price of a rough and tumble 6-year-old.
4. Laptop - I left my laptop at home. I was able to borrow one for a little while this morning, but I had to run home to get mine because there was stuff I needed for today.

With all of this, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't freak out. I just kept reminding myself that none of it was a huge deal. And, it really wasn't. Abby got her water bottle, I had food for lunch, I have my laptop at work and she was able to swim. No worries.

I'm still hoping that tomorrow will be a little less bumpy, but we'll make it through, no matter what.

**Update 6/15/2010**
And I thought I was doing so well. The day didn't end on such a high note. When I was finally able to pick Abby up from camp, it was much later than I anticipated, so I decided to take her home instead of trying to beat the clock with VBS (she was hot, sweaty, dirty, tired, hungry, etc. and we had less than 10 minutes to get to VBS - at least 20 minutes away without stopping for food). When we got home and Abby went to take a shower, I discovered 1. she lost her swimsuit 2. she lost a pair of panties 3. she put dirty, sandy socks in the ziploc bag with a change of clean clothes 4. she put sand inside my water bottle...in the bottle, the straw, the mouthpiece, etc. my camelback will never be the same.

I know, none of these things should have mattered. I should have just been glad she had a great day on her first day of summer camp. Instead, the bad mama came out and I fussed. And fussed. And fussed. Of course, I'm pretty sure Abby tuned me out early on, so the fussing was pointless. Maybe it was just everything built up throughout the day. Who knows?!? But, I was quickly reminded of my faults. Better luck next time, I guess.**

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Wow! I am SUPER impressed with your calm, cool attitude!!!

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