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For today...Monday, June 28, 2010

Outside my window...sunny and a little too warm.

I am awesome God's power is.

I am thankful for...God's subtle reminders that He is in charge!

I am reading...Unshaken by Francine Rivers, book three of the A Lineage of Grace series. Yeah, still reading this one. I haven't had much "reading time" lately.

I am awesome it is to work with friends who will pray with you/for you. I think that might put some people off...even offend them. But, I think it is wonderful.

I am the Verizon store this week. My phone bit the dust at the end of last week. The phone works, but the screen is shot (can't see anything). The new one came in the mail last Monday, only to take nearly 2 hours to get activated over the phone with Tech Support. Now, I need to switch the numbers.

I am get through the many boxes in my living room. (Thanks to my sister-in-law for thinking about us as she purged before their move. I now have some fabulous decorations for our home that I can't wait to hang...and lots of clothes for Abby.)

On my mind...Mike. My faith in the medical establishment is restored! After the horrible experience over the past couple of weeks/months, I was beginning to wonder what we were going to do. Mike's symptoms have gradually gotten worse over time and he is miserable. An attempt at returning to work failed miserably and everything seemed to be going crazy/wrong all at the same time. But, thanks to a great friend who helped me out big time (I owe you SEJ) and the willingness of a doctor to actually listen...I'm feeling more at ease. This doesn't mean we actually have any new information...but it's a move in the right direction.

Noticing that...lemonade can be sweet or tart, depending on how much of each ingredient you add.

From the kitchen...hamburger steaks on the grill.

One of my favorite things...Christmas in June ('cause that's what it is like to go through the boxes and totes from my sister-in-law!)

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Sues said...

Friends who pray with & for you are THE BEST! :-)

I like my lemonade sweet, but b/c that's the case, I rarely drink it. (Not that I don't drink sweet stuff, but I *try* to chose diet instead.)

YAY for hope on the medical info front!!!!!!!!

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