She Really Is Paying Attention

On a slightly separate note - while sitting in church on Sunday morning, I realized that Abby really was paying attention to the pastor and his sermon. Beginning at age 5, our church no longer provides childcare during the morning worship services. When Abby turned 5, this freaked me out. And caused me many Sundays filled with agony. Ever tried to keep a 5 year-old still during church...a talkative, impatient, potty-break needing, always thirsty 5 year-old? Well, I hadn't and I wasn't looking forward to it.

And Abby certainly didn't let me down. We've had to work on:

-getting to church extra early so she can potty before we actually enter the sanctuary for service

-drink something before we leave the house (otherwise, she's thirsting to death during the entire service)

-pack a bag with paper, pencil, puzzles, etc. to keep her occupied

-remind her that we don't talk during church and it doesn't matter how much longer (we're still working on both of these)

I can honestly say that we've made noticeable improvement over the past 3 months. The past couple of weeks have earned significant praise for our little girl. But, I was taken aback on Sunday morning when the pastor was talking about faith, hope and love. When he finished with hope, he asked, "What are you hoping for?" You and I know this was a rhetorical question. But, Abby doesn't really understand that concept yet. Quietly, but loud enough for me and a few other adults nearby to hear, Abby responded, "I hope my daddy will get better and can go back to work." Keep in mind, Abby had been writing in her notebook. She wasn't even looking up toward the pastor. As soon as the words came out, she was back to writing and drawing. Of course, tears filled my eyes and I missed whatever came next in the sermon.

Well, princess, part of your "hope" has been answered...maybe that's why she's been so excited as our family carpools each morning (daddy to work, Abby to summer camp, mommy to work). Now, if we can just get that "better" part working.

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