On the (slow) Run

Yeah, it's nearly summer and I'm finally getting back into exercising again. After experiencing significant setbacks while learning to run (can you say pneumonia and bronchitis?) I've decided to try again. Yes - I'm determined to do this.

So, I started again on Sunday morning without any trouble. I warmed up with a 5 minute walk, then alternated 1 minute run/jog and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes, with a 5 minute walking cool-down - for a total of 30 minutes. By the end, I was definitely feeling winded, but I survived. I was proud of myself for maintaining a fairly steady pace...I went the same distance in the neighorhood (with all those pesky hills) as I had gone before when I was on a treadmill inside.

I felt great afterwards and I was looking forward to my next run (it makes me feel better to call it a run...even though I know I'm using that term rather loosely). I woke up early on Tuesday morning to discover it was pouring rain. Nah, not going to go running in the dark & the rain. By the time I got home last night, the rain had stopped, so I ran shortly before dinner. Only, I wasn't nearly as successful. Nope, not hardly. I was only able to make it about halfway through my run. At around 15 minutes, I had to walk because my lungs just wouldn't cooperate.

I'm still waging an internal fight against asthma. I had it as a child and I had convinced myself that I outgrew it. Of course, it was usually exercise induced and for years I didn't really exercise. Hmmm. Maybe it wasn't so much outgrowing as avoiding. Anyway, looks like I just need to accept it and deal with it. So much easier said than done. Guess I'll be taking that pesky inhaler with me.

But, tomorrow is another day. I hope to be up super early so I can have a nice, quiet, dry run. Even better, I hope it lasts the full 30 minutes.


Sues said...

You are inspiring! I wish I were more motivated...

Phyllis said...

Awh, that is so sweet of you. Thanks! I guess we can inspire each other together, in different ways :-)

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