Earrings No More

Back in January, Abby received a late Christmas present...pierced ears. She was so excited. We've done fairly well over the past 4 months, but this weekend was the end of earrings. Between getting up on Saturday morning and lunch around noon, one of her ears became very swollen and red. My mom actually noticed while she was sitting beside Abby at lunch.

After a lot of coaxing, screaming, wiggling (I'm sure you get the picture), we were able to remove the earring, only to discover an incredible amount of pressure released. Somehow, her ear had gotten extremely infected. My mom didn't think much of it...the same sort of thing happened to me as a child, only it was at night and the earring actually shot out of my ear because the pressure became too much. The other ear appeared fine. By Saturday night, the other ear was starting to get red and swollen. Her poor ears were quite tender and there was no way Abby was going to let me put both earrings back in her ears.

I really, really, really wanted to put the earrings back in. I know it's likely that once we get this taken care of, it won't happen again. But, the little voice in the back of my head kept reminding me...you have always had problems with earrings...you let your holes close up repeatedly over the years...you hated earrings because they were so painful as a child. Of course, the other voice said...she's going to want earrings...she's going to want to wear them and pick them out...and she's going to miss out. When I looked at her ears again last night, I decided I had to let go. I had to let her decide because they are her ears. Mike and I explained that it would mean she'd have to wait a long time before she could get earrings again. She said that was fine (I think age 18 may have been tossed out there).

Since I got mine re-pierced when Abby had hers pierced (she wanted us to match), I guess I'll keep mine for now. Admittedly, I still haven't put any earrings in except the ones used to pierce my ears. I'm paranoid about having an allergic reaction to other metals. Go figure.


Leslie said...

I hope her ears feel better today. I remember those days. I haven't worn earrings in forever because it hurts.... but the holes won't close up. :(

Sues said...

I had to wait until I was in 3rd grade to get mine pierced, so I think we'll do the same with Annelise. I want to use it as a major bargaining chip! ;-)

I had to get mine done twice, too, b/c my 1st time from the Jewel Box at the mall got infected & closed up after about 6 or 7 months. I got them re-done the next year at the DOCTOR! :-P I rarely wear earrings now, but I have those same "healthy" holes from the dr. :-)

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