A Challenge of Devotion

The Sunday School class I've been attending does a remarkable job of developing relationships outside of Sunday. For the summer, we're having a Women's Fellowship on Thursday nights. I'm really looking forward to the chance to fellowship with sisters in Christ. I can't explain how much I enjoy the Sunday School class and the people in it - even though I'm relatively new, everyone has been very friendly and kind. It's awesome!

You may be wondering what the "challenge" is. Each week, the devotion will be led by a different member of the group. Our organizer asked for volunteers. I didn't volunteer at first, because the thought frightens me. I've never considered myself a very smart or informed Christian woman. I couldn't imagine myself trying to lead a devotional with women who could run circles around me on these topics. But, I kept feeling God placing this on my heart.

God: You need to do this.
me: I'm going to attend. Isn't that enough?
God: No. You need to lead, not just follow.
me: But I don't know enough. I'm still learning so much.
God: You have everything you need.
me: But what if I fail?
God: You can't fail if you are teaching others about me.

So, I emailed this morning and volunteered to lead one of the remaining weeks. We get to choose the topic for our week and I'm leaning towards faith. I haven't made a final decision yet (and I have until July 22...so I've got a little while), but I'm really excited about this. Granted, I could fall flat on my face (did I mention I avoid public speaking like the plague?), but God will be there to pick me up and dust me off. I think something else that makes this a little less scary is the women who will be there. There are incredibly encouraging and not at all judgemental.

I'll be back to post the devotion I choose and how everything goes.


Leslie said...

You're gonna be great! If you talk about faith, you can tell about how you came to lead that week. :)

Sues said...

This will be AWESOME!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you & to hear how this develops!!!!!!!!!

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