Words and Fairies and Bunnies

I've been terrible about blogging lately. I've been terrible about reading my personal email. I've been terrible about staying in touch. No excuses.

Abby's school recently held spelling bees in each grade. Our overachiever (something she comes by naturally) practiced every morning and evening. (In kindergarten, the teacher gives the kids a list of possible words.) When the big day finally came, Abby was very excited and couldn't wait to spell her words. When all was said and done, she won for her grade. She was so happy. Her winning word - ask. We're both so proud of her. Mike and I commented when she was practicing that we each remember our *losing* word from spelling bees in our past. Mine - knapsack.

Our daughter's smile is a little lighter these days. She lost her first tooth on March 29! The night before, she asked me when her loose tooth would fall out. I told her definitely within the next two weeks. Shows what I know! I have a good excuse for that...it's been decades since I lost a tooth. (Wow. It's tough to read that and not gulp.) When I picked her up from school the next day, all she did was smile as she walked to the car. I noticed right away and was so excited for her. I must admit, I did tear up a little. My baby is growing up. That night, the tooth fairy dropped by and left a $2 bill with a little fairy dust on it. Abby was quite happy the next morning...and she's ready for the next tooth to fall out. It's already loose and I'm sure it will be gone soon enough (maybe even in the next two weeks).

If you live in NC, you're well aware of our yellow everything lately. We decided to throw caution to the wind (ha ha ha) and head out to North Hills on Saturday for an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. We weren't sure what to expect. After traipsing all over the North Hills marketplace, we agreed it was time well spent. All three of us had a blast finding the different stores on the scavenger hunt list and locating a specific item in each store. Even better...every participating store had a golden egg hidden in the store. If you found the egg, you earned the prize inside (listed on a piece of paper...the actual prizes didn't fit in the eggs). Anyway, I helped Abby find two of the eight eggs. She was quite proud of her two golden eggs, even when she saw the little girl behind us in line with three (I think her dad may have been a professional golden egg hunter). Abby won a soccer ball from Omega Sports and haircuts from another shop. When she was telling my parents about our Saturday fun, she explained the golden egg hunt like this -

Abby - I got a soccer ball and haircuts.
Nana - How did you do that?
Abby - I had two golden eggs. You had to find them.
Nana - Did you find them all by yourself?
Abby - I had help from my staff.

Apparently, I'm on Abby's staff now. I got a huge kick out of that. I'm sure it's because she attends the YMCA and they refer to the counselors as "staff."

The Easter Bunny visited our house on Sunday morning before we headed out to church. I was so proud of Abby for behaving through most of church. It was a longer service and she only asked to go to the bathroom once. That's an amazing improvement...and she didn't actually get to go. Funny how kids have to go to the bathroom whenever they get bored. At least, my kid always does.


Leslie said...

My losing word was 'thermometer'. :)

Have you heard back about school for next year for Abby?

Phyllis said...

No word yet. The new date to find out was yesterday...but on Wednesday afternoon, the school system delayed again until next Friday. So, the new-new date is April 16.

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