The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outside my window...there is still plenty of pollen. Ick!

I am nice a nap would be right about now.

I am thankful for...a family, a home and a job. So many people are struggling right now and we should never take these things for granted.

I am casual attire.

I am remembering...that I need to find Abby's missing library book.

I am be cooking dinner for our dog the next few nights. Seems he ate something that didn't agree and his tummy is having some issues. Rice and chicken baby food. He'll be thrilled.

I am get caught up and maybe a little ahead at work. Ha! Fat chance.

On my mind...will I ever be able to completely overcome my asthma? I realized my recent boughts with asthma and pneumonia were related to my attempts to run. I was hoping I had outgrown that piece of my asthma. Now, I'll just be looking for ways to control it that will allow me to run.

Noticing that...some people were made to lead and others were made to follow. Too bad we didn't have that stamped on our forehead. It might save us some trouble along the way.

Pondering these words..."will you sit with me?" Recently, Abby has started asking me to sit with her on the couch in the evenings when we watch TV as a family. She doesn't want to snuggle or anything...she just wants me nearby.

From the kitchen...bacon, eggs and toast. I'm really starting to enjoy breakfast for dinner.

One of my favorite things...hearing a song from the past that brings back happy memories.

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