The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Monday, April 19, 2010

Outside my window...sits me. It's nearly 7pm and I'm sitting outside, watching the sunset, listening to invisible* birds sing and enjoying a little down time. *I strongly dislike I wouldn't be sitting out here if I could actually see the birds that are chirping.

I am thinking...that this parenting thing changes a little everyday.

I am thankful for...a quick healing thumb. I burned my right thumb last night trying to get biscuits out of the over. Note to self - always make sure the potholder doesn't have any water on it before trying to pick up a 400 degree cookie sheet.

I am wearing...on Old Navy t-shirt, comfy pants and my Croc flip-flops.

I am remembering...Abby as a baby. It's hard to believe how quickly they grow up.

I am do some laundry tonight or I'll have trouble adhering to our dress code policy tomorrow at work.

I am hoping...for health in our family.

On my relieved I was to notice that the Powerball wasn't picked on Saturday night. Most of my co-workers buy tickets collectively and if they win...I have a feeling work will be awfully lonely and terribly overwhelming.

Noticing that...when you follow God's plan, your heart feels a great sense of peace.

Pondering these words..."we were playing with a bb gun." Thank goodness, upon further investigation, this wasn't exactly true. More accurately - a nerf dart gun. I'm not thrilled, but it could be much worse.

From the kitchen...delicious shredded bbq chicken sandwiches with cheddar cheese. My hubby can really surprise me sometimes.

One of my favorite things...learning something new when re-reading a passage in the Bible.

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