She's Got Style

Abby has been developing her own sense of style over the past few months. Part of it is probably based on the people she sees in pop-culture - Wizards of Waverly Place, Camp Rock, High School Musical. Other influences are likely the counselors from the YMCA and the city.

I've tried to let Abby create her own identity when it comes to style. I've never considered myself very stylish. Don't get me wrong, I have always wanted to be...but I must have been in the wrong line the day God handed out style. Maybe it was the same day He was handing out patience and I was just absent. That would explain a lot.

Anyway, I'm never sure what to expect from her. She's always quite inventive. I probably wouldn't come up with many of her combinations, but I'm surprised at how "put together" she looks when she's trying to create an outfit.

Today, she was sporting a purple knit top with a heart embellishment, white capri pants and tan suede "boots with the fur" style boots (sherpa). When I saw her, I laughed on the inside because it seemed odd, to me, to wear boots with capri pants, but who am I to judge?

When we walked into before school, one of the counselors complimented Abby on her sense of style, commenting that, "Abby, you really have your own sense of style. You always look so cute and so you." It really made Abby feel special and I was quite proud of her...since it's all her own doing.

I may be in trouble as she gets older and becomes an even bigger fan of shopping :-)


Sues said...

I love this!

Leslie said...

I love it!

And Phyllis, I agree! You and I must have gone to the "Band Camp" line instead of the "Patience and Style" line! lol That would explain SO MUCH...for me anyways! lol :)

I would love to meet your munchkin some day!

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