Plans for a Princess

I've been objecting to some of the workings of the WCPSS almost since Abby started school. Although I think we have an excellent school system, I think there is plenty of room for improvement.

That being said, we applied (and were denied) for acceptance into the magnet program for the second year in a row. Abby was more disappointed than I expected. Apparently, she was really looking forward to all the special projects that magnet schools offer.

All along, I kept telling myself that we wouldn't let a denial deter us. This year has been a true challenge for our entire family in so many ways. Abby has really struggled in a classroom environment that is diverse in skill sets - from children learning how to recognize letters, days of the week, etc. to children who can already read and who are interested in more in depth studies. At times, she gets very frustrated and that becomes a whole other issue.

I had planned on requesting a transfer to another school, on a traditional calendar (she's on year-round currently) that would afford her a few more options as far as classroom work goes. I had researched and researched. I was going to be completely prepared when it came time to submit the transfer application. But, you know what...God opened my eyes this weekend. He helped me to see that Abby's struggles in the classroom aren't all that bad. Yeah, she gets bored sometimes. But, she needs to learn to cope with that. I get bored at my own job sometimes and I'm 31. Understanding her studies is helping her to assist some of her friends that need a little help. I'll give our princess that...she's always willing to help out someone else (as long as the someone else isn't telling her to clean her room, brush her teeth, take a shower). :-) Plus, something I always hated growing up was being the new kid. I hated moving because it meant I had to leave all of my friends behind and go somewhere new. It was never fun being the new kid. Never.

So, we've decided to accept this as part of God's plan for us. Not that we really have much choice (I know, my control-freak tendencies have God laughing at me constantly). I can't wait to see what God has planned for our little princess.

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