Yes, I'm Alive

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth or get sucked into a vacuum. Life has just been really full as of late.

Abby, now a seasoned six-year-old (because that comes after being six for ten whole days), is seriously enjoying Track-Out this time. The weather is much better than December 2009 and she loves being outside. She also enjoys the chance to play with friends that she has made at the Y.

I'm still praying for God's guidance for Abby's school situation after kindergarten. We find out next Thursday if she was accepted into the magnet school program for next year.

If you don't live in the Triangle, you've likely been spared the daily soundbites on the evening news from supporters and opponents of our current school board majority. I am a supporter. I'm sure that goes against any pollster's expectation - registered Democrat, member of the lower middle class, live in a diverse area/neighborhood. Regardless of how you vote or how much money you make, I think all children should be given the opportunity to grow through education. I can't say, with absolute certainty, that the ideas currently on the table will solve all of the current problems within our school system. But, I can say, with complete certainty, that the problems haven't been resolved with the current course of action. 'Nuff said...because I could go on for days about this stuff.

Mike's continues to struggle with health issues. His doctor referred him for additional tests, with a hint at possible referring him to another practice. We've found this to be a very trying time, but we're making it through. I can't thank our family and friends enough for their support and prayers through all of this. I know something good will come of all of this...

Work has been, in a word - distasteful. I'm quite thankful that I have a job. I'm even more thankful for some of my co-workers and management. No, seriously. But, there are moments when I just want to be totally and completely honest with people. You know - tell the insincere person that they can give it a just don't need anymore bs in your life - tell the person who doesn't take responsibility to man/woman up - I could go on, but I won't. I'm sure we've all been there, and if you haven't, consider yourself lucky.

I'm looking forward to a calm weekend, washing clothes, cleaning up around the house and watching ACC basketball. And, Jim and Clark as they announce the brackets for the NCAA tournament on Sunday. Ah, I love March!

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So glad to get an update! :-) Sending you love!

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