Small Accomplishment

Work has been exceptionally trying over the past few months. I'm juggling lots of things, big and small. Now, at 31, I'm think I may finally learn the art of saying, "no," or at least the art of, "wait your turn."

Trying to coordinate for other people can become overwhelming. In my own little world, I've become a slave to Outlook - our company's email and calendaring application. Oh, how I long for the days when only a small group of us used Outlook. I thought the fabulous little pop-up message notifying me of a new email was awesome. I mean, who wouldn't like that little *hint* of what is next. Now, I find myself turning the darn thing off because I feel like my computer is taunting me with constant reminders. Of course, when I turn it off, but have to go to my Inbox to do something with my current task, I see the long list of new things and I tend to get sucked in. It's a never-ending cycle. At the end of most days, I find myself feeling completely unaccomplished, unproductive and un-[you get the picture].

On top of all the coordinating and juggling, there are those pesky things that we have to do at our job. For me, that would be tracking my time spent on various tasks and reporting my monthly status (based on the various tasks tracked daily). I'm happy to report that I was able to finish my own personal TPS Report early!!! (If you don't know what that is, I just can't help you...but I've got a red Swingline stapler with your name on it!) That's right...before the absolute last minute. A small thing, something most people could care less about. But this small thing will get me through the rest of the week without succumbing to the voices in my head. Woohoo!

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Sues said...

Ha!!! That is sooo awesome! Yay for ANY victory - no matter how small.

PS - one of the BEST movies EVER!!!!!!!!!! JB has an Initech coffee mug.

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