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For today...Monday, March 22, 2010

Outside my window...Spring is in the air. Finally.

I am's been a while since I completed a daybook.

I am thankful for...the blessings that we tend to overlook.

I am wearing...a fabulous allergic reaction to antibiotics. The red spots, dots and splotches really bring out the pink in my cheeks. No, I'm not kidding. I discovered over the weekend that I am allergic to the antibiotic I finished last week to treat pneumonia. Now, I'm a walking connect-the-dots poster. Even better, they itch. Sometimes. But, at least I didn't have a respiratory reaction. That would have been much worse.

I am remembering...the weekends I used to take for granted...when our entire household was healthy.

I am going...start baking yummy treats at home again. I don't know why I stopped for a while, but I think we could all use some tasty fruit/veggie muffins.

I am hoping...for a quick day at work. I'll be here for 10 hours and I want them to go by quickly.

On my mind...the struggles that we all face. I know my life seems difficult lately, but plenty of other people are going through things much harder than me. I pray for perspective.

Noticing dog is limping. We thought maybe it was a nail issue on one of his paws, but now we aren't so sure. :-(

Pondering these words...With God, all things are possible. So true, yet so easy to forget sometimes.

From the clue. Maybe fish?

One of my favorite things...watching Abby grow.

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