Happy Birthday, Princess Abby

It's really hard to believe that 6 years ago...I was anxiously awaiting a scheduled c-section at Rex Hospital. Actually, I think right about now I was making sure I had everything before we drove to the hospital. Gotta love things that are scheduled.

And, 6 years ago last night, Mike and I were enjoying our last dinner as DINKs (double-income, no kids). We had a nice meal at Steak & Ale behind Crabtree Valley Mall. It might be appropriate that the restaurant is long gone and so is that visible double-income. But, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I love being a mom. There are times that I wish it wasn't as challenging. I admit, I'm not the best at keeping my temper in check at times. I'm not always good at standing my ground. But, I do love our little princess and I'm so glad she is in our lives.

I can hardly believe how much she has grown up, in 6 short years. It seems like only yesterday that our German Shepherd was sleeping under her crib every night, on guard. Then, at her 4-month check-up when the pediatrician said, "She'll probably start cutting teeth in a few months." Only to cut her first teeth that very night - that was a LONG night. Learning to walk at her grandparents house during her first Thanksgiving. Ear tubes. Scarlet Fever. Talking. Singing on the radio. Singing to the radio. More ear tubes. Swimming. Talking. Learning to write. Roller skating. Learning to read. Talking. Ballet. Graduating preschool. Talking. Gymnastics. Ice skating. Talking. Enjoying music - iPod, cd's, etc. Practicing for her first spelling bee. Did I mention - talking?

I've included a picture that captures Abby's personality perfectly. It's a little fuzzy, but that's what happens with camera phones sometimes. I took this pic of Abby with our beagle, Bojo, at our neighborhood park. She is *catching* him as he slides down the slide at the playground. The best part? He went back later for seconds!


Sues said...

Awww, that is priceless! I cannot believe a beagle went back for more of that!!! AWESOME!!!

Such sweet memories & a beautiful recap!

Happy birthday, Abby!!!

Lifetime Ticket Holder to the Cheap Seats of Life said...

I love you, my Godly wife and am thankful and honored to be your husband and the father of the biggest girl in the world!

mell said...

Happy Birthday, Abby!!

正常關西 said...
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