Continued Hope

We're still waiting for the official notification on Abby's magnet school application for 2010-2011. The notification date was pushed back from Mar 18 to Apr 8 due to calendar changes at four schools in the county for next year.

On Friday, the WakeEd blog posted some details about the preliminary assignment information. Reluctantly, I viewed the information and was disappointed to see that 2 of the 3 schools we applied to did not accept any 1st graders for next year. Which means...our only chance is in the 3rd school...hoping that we were one of the 12 first graders accepted.

Part of me continues to hold out hope because there is a chance, albeit slight. But, there is a nagging voice in my head telling me to get real...over 3,000 students were denied applications and our "chance" is limited by Abby's current school assignment.

I'll continue to hold on to my hope for now...what's another 10 days of waiting?


Leslie said...

What happens if she doesn't get accepted? Where will she go then?

Phyllis said...

If she doesn't get accepted, I will diligently file a transfer application with Wake County. The application period is May 14 - June 1. If the transfer request is denied, we can appeal to the School Board. I'm hoping (and praying) that it won't go beyond the transfer request. But, I'm willing to appeal if need be.

Phyllis said...

All that to say...I don't really know. Her school year ends on June 8 and if she doesn't go to another school, her school year will begin again on July 9. I may learn to get really comfy in limbo before it's all over.

Sues said...

I can sooooo commiserate. Praying for a swift & POSITIVE end to our limbos SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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