As a child, I had an allergic reaction while on vacation. The pharmacist recommended Benadryl. I took it...and slept forever. It freaked my parents out.

Fast forward about 10-12 years - while in college, my allergies kicked in to high gear. My boyfriend/husband suggests taking a Benadryl. I think nothing of it. I wake up sleeping in my closet. (Stop's not that funny!)

Fast forward another 10-12 years - my doctor prescribes antiobiotic for pneumonia. I take the antibiotic, like a good girl, for seven days without incident. Really, an accomplishment for me because I'm bad about finishing a course of medication. On day 9 (two days after finishing the medicine), I break out in horrible hives. Absolutely horrible! The doctor tells me to take Benadryl to help with the itching. *Technically*, I don't have an allergy to Benadryl, I'm just very sensitive to it. Ha. So, I've been taking a half-dose the past couple of days when I get home from work. Last night, I decided to go all out and take a full dose. Around 2:30am, I made a trip to the bathroom. A little after 3:15, I made it back to bed. What was I doing? Trying to walk into the bathtub! I finally woke myself up by bumping into the shower door and making it rattle.

Note to self - no more than a half dose of Benadryl. EVER.


Sues said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!! (But awful, but hysterical, but know.) Does Abby have problems with it? Only now after having children does it make me sleepy - when I was little, it always made me HYPER!

mkmazanek said...

Oh my!!!! Glad you woke up!!! How's Mike doing? Sent him a message but have not heard back from him. Keeping you all in my thoughts!!

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