Snow and the Meltdown

As most of you know...either because you live in NC or you have tons of friends on facebook that do...we had some exciting winter weather over the weekend. Yep, we ended up with about 5 inches of snow at our house. Well, technically, about 2 inches of snow and about 3 inches of sleet, but whatever.

Today marks the third day of no school in Wake County. Abby has become a daily fixture at the local Chick-Fil-A. Who can beat free Wi-Fi, a clean play area and healthy food options? But, I think she's beginning to tire of this extended vacation. When we asked her last night if she wanted to go to school on Saturday, she didn't even have to think about it. She DID! It didn't even phase her that she would be missing gymnastics. I guess mom and dad just can't compete with 23 classmates, a teacher and a teacher's assistant.

Thankfully, the snow should be gone by this afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I love snow. I lived in Illinois during part of my elementary years and miss having it most winters. But, this isn't Illinois and we just aren't equipped to deal with winter precipitation in any form. Nope. Not. at. all.

And, with all the snow days from school this week, I find myself liking Year-Round school even less (not that I liked it much to begin with). I'm so thankful that we'll be able to apply for magnet schools beginning next Monday - it's been like my own personal little countdown for the last 7 months (you do the math...Abby started school July 7). There is no guarantee that we'll be accepted into one of our application schools, but then I'll be hoping to have a transfer approved.

Now, the meltdown. I've been doing really well on my lifestyle change (AKA - diet). I've been losing weight steadily and making good progress at exercising regularly. Then, it snowed. It snowed and everything closed...and it wasn't even safe to walk/jog outside. And there was junk in the house. Not a lot, but enough to call my name too many times to count between Friday evening and Monday morning. I weigh myself every Monday morning. I've done well to stick to the same time, once a week. I had already prepared myself for a horrible result this week. I just knew that I had gained. I'm not sure what happened, exactly. I hopped on the scale and ended up losing 0.8lbs. Some of you may laugh...what's 0.8? Well, to someone trying to keep a positive attitude and stay focused on the overall goal of a healthy lifestyle, 0.8 was just enough to give me a positive outlook for the week and remind me that we all stumble every now and then...but we can also get back up and keep going. So, it's now Wednesday and I haven't stumbled again since the weekend. Baby steps, ya'll. Baby steps. And, I'll be able to hit the Y tonight...something that I've missed for almost a week now. I may want to be healthy, but not if it means driving on ice.

Just as the snow is melting away, forecasters are calling for snow/sleet/freezing rain and/or cold rain Thursday night, Friday and Saturday. Woohoo!

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