And Now We Wait

If you read my blog regularly, you're probably aware of the many complaints I've had concerning WCPSS. I've literally been counting the days to the opening of the application period for magnet schools.

Of course, life around our house has been a little crazy lately, so I didn't actually get a chance to submit the application on the first day. Luckily, the timing of the application doesn't matter, as long as you submit within the 3 week window.

Since my job is related to a client system and the interfacing of multiple systems with client information, I'm very familiar with the problems that can occur when you start storing the same information in different places...something, somewhere, doesn't get updated and your systems don't sync (or match up). Wouldn't you know, that is exactly what happened when I did finally take a moment to complete Abby's magnet application!

I sent an email to the principal because the error I received instructed me to contact the school. I didn't think this was something the teacher would be able to address and the school's website didn't provide any email contact information, but the county website did provide the principal's email. When I sent the email, I already knew (in the back of my mind) that I would never actually get a response.

Yeah, yeah. Why bother? I guess to prove a point. The communication between the administration at Abby's school and the parents comes no where near meeting the expectations of most parents I've spoken with. Point proven. She still hasn't attempted to email me back (or call), even just to acknowledge that she received my email. I'm shocked, I tell you. Absolutely shocked.

I ended up calling the school directly and was able to apply over the phone. The data manager was nice enough to send the confirmation information home with Abby. She was able to determine the data mismatch in the system and she said she would get it corrected.

So, now we wait. Parents can login again in mid-March to find out if the status of the application - approved or denied. Fingers crossed (and legs, toes, etc). Whatever it takes to get a little good luck in the school department for next year :-P


Leslie said...

Since I will be looking for a job this summer, I can also look to relocate Chasity. :) I can probably (hopefully) get her into the Elem. School closest to the high school where I will work. :) Let's all hope and pray for good news in the school/job front for next year! :)

Sues said...

More waiting, more praying!!!!!

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