Yoga and Committment

On Thursday afternoons, one of the local YMCA's offers a kids class. It alternates between yoga and typical workout stuff. Yesterday was Abby's first time in the yoga class...and she loved it. I was so happy for her (and proud of her for listening so well during the entire class). She mentioned that she'd like to have her own mat. I'm thinking she could just borrow mine for now. I'm not sinking a lot of money into that for her. She's only 5!

While Abby was in yoga, I decided to walk/jog the track. [I've never been much of a jogger. I'd really like to participate in the Race for the Cure again this year. At the same time, I'd like to improve my time from before (just under 45 minutes). For some, that sounds like a really long time to run 3.3 miles. But, for a girl who always failed "the mile" in school, going non-stop for 3.3 miles was an accomplishment in itself.] I've let bad habits take over for the last few (12) months...putting me completely out of shape. So, walk/jogging sounded a lot easier than it really was yesterday. But, I did my best. I alternated laps of walking and jogging. When I got to the point where my lungs couldn't handle it anymore, I walked the remainder of the mile. I'm thinking I should probably bring my inhaler with me so that I can actually breathe during the jog laps.

As far as the "be healthy" for this year goes, I'm super happy that I've been able to avoid the usual temptations without feeling like I've deprived myself. That cake from the other night is still in our kitchen. Right there on the counter, staring at anyone who crosses the threshold. But, I still haven't felt the need to take a nibble or bite.

I do feel a little defeated that I'm already behind in my reading of the Bible in a year. I know, it's only Jan could I possibly be behind? Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on track this weekend. *fingers crossed*


mell said...

I have an extra yoga mat you can borrow (my purple one) if it ever turns out that you both need one at the same time.

Sues said...

THE MILE!!!! The *worst* day of 9th grade!!! (And every year we had to at CMS, too!) I think your time sounds normal, but I think we're in the same boat when it comes to running...

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