The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Wednesday, January 6, 2010.

Outside my's dark and cold. Walking the dog tonight was a chilly adventure. But, I loved looking up into the sky and seeing so many bright and wonderful stars.

I am glad I am to have an ergonomic keyboard at home. It makes laptop use so much easier.

I am thankful for...a cavity free visit to the dentist today. It's always nice to leave without having to come back before 6 months.

From the kitchen...salad with chicken. I'm super proud of my restraint tonight. I baked a cake in belated honor of Mike's birthday...and I didn't even feel tempted to take a bite (or lick the frosting knife).

I am wearing...warm PJ's.

I am the Y tomorrow afternoon. On Thursdays, they offer a kids group class for yoga or fitness. I think it's a great experience for Abby. Of course, it means I get to do my workout too!

I am reading...Love & Respect.

I am hoping...for healing for Mike. This has been a tough kick-off to a new year.

Around the house...I need to find a home for every homeless item.

One of my favorite unexpected note. It's always nice to know someone is thinking about you.

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