The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outside my window...night has settled in. At least, it had a couple of hours ago and I doubt it has gone anywhere yet.

I am glad I am that my newly re-pierced ears haven't bothered me (yet). I've had trouble with earrings in the past and I'm hoping this time won't be a repeat.

I am thankful for...the ability to work from home. Sometimes, additional hours are required and it's nice to do it from the comfort of my home instead of staying at the office even longer than usual.

From the kitchen...we had Burger King tonight. By the time we got around to cooking something, it was just easier to run through the drive-thru. The good part? I didn't go overboard.

I am glasses. I wear glasses for computer work and sometimes reading. I picked out new ones on Monday and I'm testing them out. Love the improved Rx, not sure if I actually like the glasses. Jury is still out...but I have 30 days to decide.

I am the Y tomorrow while Abby is at church.

I am reading...The Bible.

I am praying...for guidance.

Around the house...everything Christmas is put away...even the tree!!!

One of my favorite things...realizing that I made a good choice.

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