A New Year

I know, I know...it's already January 5th. But, I've been busy with so many other things that I haven't had a lot of free time to blog.

Our new year began with a real bang...

Mike has been sick since Christmas weekend. Sick or not (not contagious sick), we celebrated his 35th birthday on Saturday evening at The Angus Barn. The three of us, as a family. I was so afraid of Abby misbehaving. The Angus Barn isn't like going to Chili's or LoneStar. I made the earliest reservation possible...5pm. We were on time (an accomplishment). We tried to impress upon Abby how important it was for her to behave...quietly. She ordered her meal without assistance and the waiter commented on how great she was, because shy kids scare him. We only had to make two bathroom trips. (Abby loves to check out the bathroom in places she's never been...don't ask.) When it was time for dessert, Abby was able to go back to the kitchen area to make her own sundae. She was thrilled. We later discovered that she was able to decorate her dad's birthday pound cake (compliments of The Angus Barn) at the same time. She covered it with lots of sprinkes and M&Ms. Too cute.

Of course, that wouldn't be the end of our weekend. I awoke in the middle of the night and found myself hugging the porcelein throne. No clue what caused it. Not sure if I ate something that didn't agree or if I caught some bug. Luckily, it didn't last long and I was just nauseous for the next day or so. Let me tell you...that wasn't how I expected to start off the new year.

But, I'm thrilled to have another year to spend with family and friends. Another year to learn and teach.

Well, on to those pesky resolutions most of us make, but few of us are strong enough to stick with.

1. Read the entire Bible. I've only read bits and pieces. I'd like to read the entire Bible over the next year. I discovered a chronological Bible and it is much easier for me to understand the timeline of things.
2. Be healthy. Yeah, most of us put this somewhere on our list of goals, to do's or resolutions, but I'm committed to sticking with it this year. I bought a dress the week before Christmas that is not going to fit my round hiney anytime soon. But, I loved the dress and it was on clearance for $10. I was sad they didn't have my size, when Mike suggested I buy it as a goal. Buy it and hang it prominently in the closet to remind me what I'm trying to achieve. So, my goal is to be able to get into that dress by Easter 2011 (it's a spring/summer dress and I have no idea how much I'll need to weigh to fit into the dress. And, I'm trying to be realistic.) When I can fit into the dress, I will post a pic on here. I promise.
3. Complain less. 'Nuf said.
4. Communicate better.

Alright. I think that's plenty of stuff to work on for the next year or so.

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Sues said...

Awwww, continued prayers of health & healing for Mike & I'm glad you're going better!

His bday dinner sounded fantastic, though!


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