Bojo, the Beagle

I've mentioned the newest addition to our family a few times. I haven't said too much because I was afraid I might jinx him. You see, our family has had a tough time with dogs the past year or so. The first one got really sick, the second one ended up attacking another dog when he felt Mike was being threatened (not a bad thing, but not something we could chance again in our neighborhood), the next one was just a little too much to handle (false advertising). We tried to adopt a fourth and completely gave up when she had all sorts of medical things "pop-up" once we paid the deposit...amazing how that happens sometimes.

So, Bojo was our fifth go 'round in 2009. I love dogs, but I was totally against getting a dog after all the previous tries. I just didn't think I could deal with falling in love with a dog only to lose it in the course of a few weeks. But, Mike was sure that this was the one.

Bojo came to us from another family whose mom had severe allergies. They adopted Bojo as a puppy and tried everything, but her allergies just couldn't be controlled with Bojo in the house. Of course, during that time, Bojo learned basic commands and ate like a horse. When we adopted him, I was amazed at how well behaved he seemed.

And I haven't stopped being amazed. He really is a fabulous dog. He is completely housebroken and crate trained. He knows sit, stay, shake, high-five, lay down and roll over. He doesn't beg for food (but you can tell he's putting a lot of effort into NOT begging...because his whole body shakes when he sees food). He's a great snuggler and an awesome foot warmer.

As I mentioned, he ate like a horse in his former home. Now, we're trying to address his love of food :-P. He's on his own little weight watchers regimen of lite dog food and low calorie treats. He seems to be doing pretty well and we've notice that his activity level has actually increased since he arrived.

Bojo is a tri-color beagle. I think his markings are so cute and he's got the best personality. I'm thankful that God helped us find the perfect dog for our family. And, I know that God did that because I am allergic to dogs. Always have been. For whatever reason, my allergies aren't as bad with Bojo.

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Sues said...

YAY for beagles!!!! That's all I've ever had my whole life! Bonnie Blue is our beagle now. She's 7 1/2, but we got her at 5 weeks the summer after we got married. :-)

Bojo is the CUTEST!!! I hope he's finally THE ONE. :-)

Food will ALWAYS be an issue. Beagles will literally eat until they die; their brains don't detect being "full" - they'll just eat until they barf - so you are totally doing to right thing with the strict diet. They will ALWAYS act like they're starving, so don't fall for it! Bonnie gets one cup of food a day and 2 milkbones...and she's the first not-obese beagle my family has ever had! (Other people in my family are SO BAD about feeding table food! :-P)

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