Praying Parent

Time for a some honesty. I'm a praying parent, but not the praying parent that I want to be. I've never considered myself much of a prayer warrior. I shy away from praying outloud (alone or in the company of others). Growing up, prayer was a quiet and personal thing...usually done after you genuflected and before you actually sat down in the pew before Sunday morning mass (or Saturday evening mass). Growing up Catholic, I knew all "the prayers"...Our Father, Hail Mary, etc. But, I didn't really know how to pray.

Did you ever find something new and you think, "Wow, that's a great idea. I'm going to do that?" Of course, 6 months later, you find it again, only to realize that you never really did anything with it to start with. Yeah, I do that more often than I care to admit.

As I was going through my dayplanner, I stumbled on a prayer guide for parents. I can't remember where I found this originally (it may have been at a women's event at our former church). Anyway, I immediately discovered a renewed dedication to this...I want to be a prayer a wife. As a mother. As a child. As a friend.

I thought it would be something to share as well. For 31 days, I'll be posting one parent prayer topic per day. The perfectionist side of me leans toward waiting until the first day or the month, but I feel like I should start this now...and not wait until January 1. I will start with Day 8. When I complete Day 31, I will go back and cover Days 1-7.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, Day 15, Day 16, Day 18 , Day 19 , Day 20 , Day 21 , Day 22 , Day 23 , Day 24 , Day 25 , Day 26 , Day 27 , Day 28, Day 29, Day 30, Day 31


Sues said...

Trying to catch up a little after being MIA the last week. I LOOOOOVE this!!! Is it this calendar:

We had someone come talk to our MOPS group about praying for our kids a few years ago, and they gave us all this same calendar!!! It's been on my fridge ever since!!!

Thanks for inspiring me to get back into actually reading the words on it, instead of just glancing at the colors as I go to grab a diet Coke. :-)

Phyllis said...

That looks like the same sort of thing. The list I have is a printed list, not in caledar form. Glad to see you're back. I've missed reading about life in Illinois :-)

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