Daybook Reflections

Well, I had hoped to blog daily in November, once I stumbled onto The Simple Woman's Daybook. I didn't discover it until a few days into November, but I was aiming to blog each day after that. I only missed a handful of days. I'm quite surprised that I was able to nearly achieve my goal.

I also found that I really enjoyed using the daybook as a guide, because it took a lot of the *stress* out of coming up with something new to blog about. Every event, every day isn't most of us know. Having the daybook gave me a good starting point. Of course, I did find that I was less likely to blog otherwise..."a funny thing happened" or "can you believe the nerve of some people." If I had already posted my daybook, I didn't feel as obligated to post another blog.

All in all, I find that I like the daybook. It's interesting to go back a week or two and read where I was at that point. Having the guide gives me a measuring stick of sorts. Looking back through my blogs is always interesting, but looking back through the daybook gives me a whole different perspective.

For December, I'm hoping to continue my daybook posts...they are fun. But, I'm also hoping to find a balance between daybooking and just plain old posting. I feel like I'd like to do more with my blog...I'm just not quite sure how to define m.o.r.e.

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