Hard to believe this is my 300th post!

I'd like to say I have something really profound to share, but I do not.

Instead, I thought I'd share something funny...about Abby. While celebrating Christmas with my parents, my mom told me the following story.

Nana had sent Abby to get ready for bed (go potty, wash hands, change clothes, etc). After a while, Nana began wondering what was taking Abby so long. She walked down to the hall to have a peek (the doorknob on the guest bathroom door is not installed because the door is in the process of being painted). Nana peeked through the doorknob hole to see Abby (completely naked) sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor with a lint roller - lint rolling her flannel pajama pants.

I know you're laughing. When my mom told us this story, I was almost in tears. To make it even better, after Abby came home from that trip to Nana and Papaw's house, she made mention of the clothes tape that Nana has. That made it even funnier.

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