The Three Gift Rule

"Start the three present rule, based on what Jesus received from the three wise men. We started this years ago, and I love it! I tell my kids, “If it was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for you!” Who can argue with that? A good rule of thumb for this is based on the three gifts that Jesus received: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold is the frivolous or fun gift—the big ticket item they have their heart set on. Frankincense symbolized worship, so this is the spiritual growth gift—a Bible, a book on being a godly kid, a Christian video, or something of the sort. And finally, myrrh is the gift that symbolized death—what Jesus was sent to do. This gift is a practical gift around what the child’s bents or talents are. It could be special supplies for an artist or a microphone for a singer, etc. This could also be something practical like an item of clothing. Three items, plus gifts from family members, plus trinkets in their stockings is still far more than what many children in this world will see in their lifetime!"

This is from Marybeth Whalen's Christmas e-book A Recipe for Christmas Joy. Head over to Looking up from the Trenches of Motherhood for a larger excerpt and review.

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Sues said...

I *LOOOVE* the idea of this! It won't work in our whole family now, b/c my in-laws only know how to show love through buying embarrassing mountains of gifts, but I would adopt that for the gifts JB & I buy!

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