The Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am thinking...about how awful this morning was in our house. Mike is sick with strep throat and Abby is still recovering...which means she was incredibly argumenative and obstinate this morning.

I am thankful for...the support of loved ones and friends.

From the kitchen...I left my breakfast at home this morning, so I'm probably going to be really hungry by the time I get home this afternoon. Must figure out something good (and filling) for dinner.

I am wearing...grey slacks, black top and green cami.

I am get my allergy shot during lunch today. Lucky me!

I am reading...Love & Respect. The first few pages almost made me laugh out loud - it's like he's been watching my house for inspiration.

I am hoping...that Mike can get an appointment with the doctor today. He's so miserable.

I am hearing...nothing (headphones in, but not drowns out the noise of the office).

Around the house...I need to figure out a cleaning schedule that works for me. I keep getting overwhelmed.

One of my favorite singing along with the radio.

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