Prayers of a Child

**This is one of the things I couldn't remember last Sunday night.**

During Sunday School, each of the children were asked to create a list of prayers. There were three lists: Things I am thankful for, Praying for my family, Praying for others.

I'm sure the actual paper list will be lost in the years to come, but I wanted to list her prayers on my blog. I was touched at what and who she listed. And, I found her spellings to be very cute.

~Give thanks to God for everything (Ephesians 5:20). I thank God for...
1. Jesus
2. home
3. church
4. friends
5. food
6. flowres [flowers]
7. sun
8. rain
9. family
10. teachers

~Pray for one another (James 5:16). Ways I can pray for my family...
1. Nana & Papaw
2. Daddy
3. Mom
4. Milley [Millie]
5. Madey [Maddie]
6. Svanna [Savannah]
7. Gavin
8. Obrey [Aubrey]
9. Josalin [Jocelyn]
10. Sofey [Sophie]

~God hears me when I pray (Psalm 66:19). Other people I can pray for...
1. Pastr [Pastor]
2. Salley [Ms. Sally]
3. Cole [Mrs. Cole]
4. Zack
5. Daesiy [Daisy]
6. Ben
7. Nyomi
8. Jaedn [Jaden]
9. Evrette [Everette]
10. Isrell [Isreal]

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