Praise, Praise, Praise

The last couple of months have been difficult for Mike. He's been sick more than he's been well. Each visit to the doctor yielded a new illness, new medicine and frustration.

The doctor started hinting at some really bad things recently, and Mike went for a physical on Wednesday to have a ton of tests. We've been praying together as a family and I've been praying on my own as well.

Yesterday, our prayers were definitely answered. Mike tested negative for all of that scary stuff. There's a few things that need to be addressed, but nothing that can't be done easily (and painlessly).

Thanks to everyone for their prayers. God keeps blessing us each and everyday.

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Sues said...

GIANT praise!!!! Soooo happy for the good news!!!! We've known about bad-husband-health news in the last few years, and I totally know how scary it is. Praise & prayers of health all around!

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