Magnet Schools Fair

After gymnastics, we headed over to Southeast Raleigh High School to attend the Magnet Schools Fair for Wake County. I'm not a big fan of Abby's current school (but I love her teachers...don't ask). We applied to magnets last year, but didn't get in. We're going to apply again in February and pray that Abby is assigned to the school that best meets her needs. Another option is always a transfer request, but those aren't automatic either.

I'm really glad we took Abby with us today. They had different displays setup for each of the elementary schools with teachers and administrators available to answer questions. I was very impressed.

Because I am such a research freak, I already knew which schools were available based on our address. (When more than one magnet exists for a program, like Gifted and Talented, the county is divided and each school with that specific program gets an area assigned.) We visited the schools available based on our address. Abby even got a chance to ask questions and talk to some of the teachers.

We decided on three schools, based on Abby's interest - Hunter (Gifted and Talented with AG Basics), Brentwood (Engineering) and Combs (Leadership). I think she would be happy at any of these schools. Of course, there is no way to know if she'll be accepted. Magnet school acceptance is based on a lottery type system that isn't completely random. There's a lot that goes into the formula to decide who gets in.

Abby was a little disappointed, as I found out later. She thought "fair" meant there would be rides and the Fair. Poor kid. If I had known that, I would have called it something else.

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Sues said...

Haha! Going to the "fair"!!!!

Huge prayers for Abby to get into the perfect school for her. :-)

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