Good, Clean Fun

Yesterday, I stopped by Auto Bell to have my car washed (and vacuumed). Normally, this type of errand wouldn’t be good for a laugh, but yesterday was a little different.

The driver’s door handle broke off a while back…I can still open the door, but it need a little leverage (like sliding my key beside the mechanism). Anyway, I haven’t had my car “professionally” washed since the handle broke off. Not thinking much about it, I was watching as the car exited the wash area and the guy tried to open the door to drive it to the drying area where they wipe down the inside.

This, alone, was a hoot. He eventually realized he could open the back door, reach forward and open the driver’s door from the inside. Of course, he didn’t realize that the driver’s door doesn’t stay open on its own…it just closes right back if you aren’t on a hill.

Once he figured out how to move a little faster, he was able to get into the driver’s seat and move the car. As he was drying the outside and wiping down the inside, another guy came over to help him out. New guy didn’t realize the importance of holding/keeping the door open and, yep, he let it close. The whole time, I’m sitting inside chuckling while I watch. It was just too funny.

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