Early Morning Notes

On mornings when I leave the house before Abby is awake, I leave her a note in a journal I bought for that purpose. It's a special way for me to help her start the day, even if I'm not in the house.

Yesterday, she was still asleep when I left. As I was writing her note, I wrote, "drink the strawberry milk w/ breakfast or lunch." When I was putting her to bed last night, I asked if she read my note. She said she tried to, but she didn't know what the 'W' meant. I was a little confused, so I asked her to show me.

She pointed to "w/" and I started chuckled. I told her it means 'with' and that mommy forgot that she doesn't know how to write shorthand like grown-ups. She seemed to absorb this pretty quickly. For some reason, I don't think she'll ever forget what it means.

Of course, I felt a little guilty...that I couldn't remember my audience, but she seemed to take it all in stride. Almost like it was a secret code that she now knows.

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