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Last night, I attended the first Just Desserts gathering at our church. It was like a grand re-opening for our Women's Ministry.

I was worried I'd be late since I was baking cookies at the last minute, trying to get my family fed, trying to get Abby dressed and ready to go (she got to hang out with some friends at church). Of course, it was pouring rain when we left the house (late). And, I needed to buy gas on the way to church (I'm notorious for waiting to buy gas). As we walked out the door, Abby stepped squarely in a huge puddle/pool of water in the driveway. Shoes - soaked. Jeans - soaked. Socks - you guessed it, soaked. At that point, I really started freaking out. Being late is a pet peeve for me and I can't stand being late. I waited for Abby to run upstairs and change. She comes back with new jeans and no socks...but with flip-flops. (I'm a die-hard flip-flopper, but not in the pouring rain when it's 55 degrees outside.) At that point, I didn't have time to argue, so I picked her up and carried her to the car so her feet wouldn't get too wet.

By this time, gas wasn't an option. We made it to church safely and just in the nick of time. I dropped Abby off in the Children's Building and headed to the gathering. The Fellowship Hall looked fabulous. The colors for the Women's Ministry are green and pink. That was a main theme throughout the room with other splashes of color thrown in. I dropped off my dessert (everybody brought a dessert of a drink) and found my way to a table already half-full.

My choice of tables was out of my normal comfort zone. To be honest, the whole evening was. I typically won't go to group functions unless I go with someone I already know. I can't stand feeling like an outsider. But, I think God placed something in my heart to let me know that I needed this and it would be ok. I quickly realized how happy I was that I listened to God on this one. Of the 4 or 5 girls at my table (we're all girls, no matter how old we are or how many kids we have), nearly everyone had read the Twilight series and the discussion was focused on the upcoming release of New Moon. One of the moms even knew Abby, which made it even easier. It was so much fun chatting with everyone. I felt really blessed to be there.

I'm so excited about of the opportunities coming up with the Women's Ministry. I can't wait for the Winter Bible Study - Believing God by Beth Moore. Not to mention lots of opportunities to build relationships with other women.

I couldn't stop talking about it last night when we got home. I kept telling Mike how much fun it was. Even this morning, I'm still giddy inside about the whole thing. What a huge blessing!

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Sues said...

Oh, we are soooo much alike! I'm notorious for waiting to buy gas, too, and being late drives me INSANE. I crazily stress out over it!

SOOO EXCITED for your "Just Desserts"!!!!!!! How awesome does it feel to be in a welcoming group you connect with like that? My MOPS group is my passion in the same way. :-) I am so glad you are getting that, too!

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