I learned a new word today - frenemy. And yes, it means exactly what it sounds like it would mean - "A person who is ostensibly friendly or collegial with someone but who is actually antagonistic or competitive," per No, I'm not so much of a nerd that I'm out looking for new words everyday. To be honest, this word was the topic of a devotional email I received this morning.

But, I find that I can quickly identify frenemies in my own life. Frenemies from the past and present. People with who I am a frenemy and people who are my frenemy. It's a little embarrassing to realize that there are people that you seem friendly with, but in all honesty, you have an ulterior motive. And, the possible motives are endless.

Thinking about it even further, I started to realize that our society has caused frenemy relationships to be emphasized, especially in the workplace. Imagine...remove all relationships with frenemies (past and present). Now, would you be where you are today without those relationships? Possibly, but then again, you may be somewhere else completely if it weren't for frenemies. In many office environments, frenemies make the world go 'round. Sad, but true.

It would be nice if I could honestly say that I would end all frenemy relationships and focus solely on the genuine ones. But, I'd be lying. I think I will try to limit these relationships, maybe even try to convert a few of them. I pray that one day I can eliminate them completely.

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