Where O Where Has Our Weekend Gone

It's nearly 11pm on Sunday night and it's hard to believe the weekend is almost over...sad, really.

But, we did get quite a few things in this weekend:
-Dinner with my parents at El Rodeo Grille on Friday night. Very tasty food with excellent atmosphere. We'll definitely be going back.
-Gymnastics for Abby on Saturday morning. She's really enjoying herself, learning lots of things and wanting to be like the big girls (bouncing, flipping, twisting, etc)
-A trip to Build-A-Bear for Abby. She picked out a cute black bear with Hannah Montana clothes and named her Kacie. Let's see, she now has Pooh, Gracie, Camryn, Hearty, Cece, Rainbow Tara, Brownie and Kacie. I don't even want to think how much money we've dropped at Build-A-Bear. Admittedly, I'd like the owl they have right now...it reminds me of Hedwig. Even better, they have Halloween costumes right now too for all of the animals.
-Homemade steak pizza
-Grocery shopping trip (I wish my pantry and fridge were self filling)
-Various household chores
-Fresh squash casserole and country style steak

When you type it out, it actually does look like a lot happened...but it went by way too quickly.

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mell said...

that's probably why it went by so fast...you stayed busy. :)

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