Sinus Self Help

A brief warning...this post may be TMI for those of you with a weak stomach.

A little background - in high school, I missed a lot of school my sophomore year with a really bad sinus infection that wouldn't go matter how many different antibiotics and decongestants I took (and I took a lot). It was decided that I needed sinus surgery and after a summer away from home, I returned for surgery, followed by a short recovery period and back to the normal stuff of an almost junior in high school. The results? I didn't get another sinus infection for years (like around 10). Part of the recovery included shooting warm, salt water up my nose 2 or 3 times a day. It sounds awful, but once you get used to it (and you learn how to avoid actually swallowing the water), it's not that bad. Especially when you realize that it makes it easier to breath and the process helps to clean out your sinuses.

Fast forward a few years (alright, 15) and I've started getting sinus infections again on an almost regular basis. My body doesn't react well to antibiotics, but that's typically what the doctor prescribes. So, $30 to the doctor, $10 - $25 for an Rx and possibly another $10 - $25 for a second Rx ('cause the first one doesn't always work)...not to mention another Rx to combat the side effects of antibiotics in general. Cost of a simple sinus infection? $75 - $100

Remembering back to the days of sinus surgery, I remember how helpful the salt water rinses were. They made a huge difference and were relatively easy. That got me thinking. Why can't I just do that again instead of the doctor, pharmacy, etc? I can!!! Back then, I had to use an attachment for a Waterpik. Now, I can just buy a neti pot. For less than $15, I now have my own neti pot that can be reused over and over again.

I feel much better after just one use...I can actually breath (through both nostrils). And, I can smell again!!! Woohoo!

This is a good start to a great week, I can already tell.

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jennynaree said...

I use a neti pot all the is continually the only thing that works!

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