Lately, I've been reading a book about personality types and how to work well across personalities. We've all taken the quizzes and surveys...Myers Briggs, What Color Are You?, etc. Most of the time, the results are close to how I perceive myself, but never dead on.

But, Florence Litteaur's Personality Plus was remarkably accurate for myself. Mike too. She has also written a book on parenting, Personality Plus for Parents: Understanding What Makes Your Child Tick. When I ran throught the quiz for Abby, I couldn't believe how accurate the results were.

Something nice in both books - the author gives the pros and the cons of each personality. No one personality type is ideal. No one personality type is bad. They all have positive traits, as well as negative. She provides insight on how to accentuate the positive and address the negative.

She also provides suggestions on how to cope across personality types. Abby and I are a perfect example - we are at opposite ends of the spectrum (total opposites). We don't view things the same. If a glass of milk was sitting on the table and the milk occupied half of the glass, and someone asked, "Is the glass half-full or half-empty?" Abby would ask for some chocolate syrup and drink it right up. She would never stop to contemplate the question because it doesn't really matter to her. On the other hand, I would likely go through a list of questions in my head, trying to analyze the best reaction or response: "Who left the milk out?" "Is it cold?" "Why did someone only pour half a glass?" "What does the question really mean?" "I wonder if there is a right or a wrong answer" and so on.

It's amazing our household survives daily...between a Perfect Melancholy, a Powerful Choleric, and a Popular Sanguine.

When I actually slow down and try to apply some of the principles in the book, I have found that Abby is much more's like she actually *listens* to me. Go figure.

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wonder if some that book can be applied to help make it a more pleasant environment...

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