Our Long Weekend

We spent the long weekend with Mike's parents, at their house near Wilmington.

In typical style, we left Raleigh much later than we had originally planned, but I don't think it made much difference. Traffic was a nightmare getting out of Raleigh at nearly 7:30 on Friday evening. I can't imagine it was any better at 6:30 or 5:30. Once we made it past Meadow, the traffic lightened and the drive wasn't too bad (says the girl in the passenger seat). Abby fell asleep almost instantly and slept all the way to Grandpa and Grandma's house.

On Saturday, we went for lunch at PT's Grill and headed to the Salt Shaker Christian store. I think I could have wandered around the store for hours, if it weren't for the 5-year-old touching everything in sight. I was able to find a new Bible for Abby and a cover. It made my heart smile on Sunday morning when she asked me to turn her Bible to the verse the pastor was reading during service. She's also very excited about the cover because it has lots of holes to hold jibbits...you know, the decorations for Crocs and Croc-knock-offs. The cover came with one and she is excited about earning more.

Everyone enjoyed a trip to the aquarium at Fort Fisher. Later on, we headed toward downtown and walked around. We made a stop at Kilwyn's for some sugar ('cause everybody needs a little sugar on vacation). On Water St., we saw a bridal party taking pictures and a birthday celebration gearing up on a chartered B&B boat. For dinner, we dined at Eddie Romanelli's...and the food was fantastic. Knowing that Abby needed her rest to behave halfway decent at church, I suggested we get her to bed at a normal hour. Shortly after she turned in, I followed because I had developed a headache during the day.

Sunday morning was a little overcast, but still nice. We attended church at First Baptist in Wilmington. Abby was fairly well-behaved, even with multiple trips to the bathroom. The inside of the church was beautiful. I would love to go back and visit during the week to have the chance to look at all of the stained glass windows and to climb the steeple. Over the years, different buildings on the block have been purchased by the church for expansion. Getting around is like walking through a maze.

After church, we headed back to the house, had a leisurely lunch and headed out to Myrtle Beach to walk around Broadway at the Beach. The rain was moving in by the afternoon and we had to dodge showers as we walked through the shops. I was able to get a new MR DUCKS shirt (long sleeved this time). Mike and Abby also picked out a few things...and again, we had to stop at the candy store - River Street Sweets - same as the store in Savannah, GA. We bought some really yummy snacks (lots of caramel, chocolate and nuts)! After we finished walking through the rain, we headed back toward NC and stopped at Calabash for dinner. When we arrived, the wait was nearly 90 minutes at Dockside. We decided to wait. Abby was getting pretty tired near the end, but the wait was worth it. The food was fantastic...Abby even agreed. Once we hopped back in the car, Abby was out within a few miles.

Back at the house, I turned in early again, because I wasn't able to shake the headache and my neck had started hurting as well.

Monday morning, we were greeted with more rain. We headed out around lunch time. On our way out of town (in a round about way), we made a trip to Carolina Beach for Britt's donuts - hot a fresh. Very tasty! From there, we drove to Kure Beach to walk on the pier and have lunch at Big Daddy's. Then, it was back into Wilmington for one last stop at The Good Life Store (Life is Good) at MayFaire. By this point, it was pouring and we got soaked in the 5' from the car to the store. But, it was worth it. If I had unlimited funds, I would have spent record amounts in that store. Unfortunately, they didn't have many long sleeve t's for kids yet (mostly leftovers and none in Abby's size), so we'll have to go back some other time.

Once we got on I-40, we didn't see any accidents, just rain and bright tailights. It took forever to make it back into Raleigh. Literally. I was craving Starbucks on the way back, even stopping at McD's for a latte or mocha. But, they were out. Once we finally made it back into the area, we stopped at Chick-fil-a for our free chicken sandwiches - 'cause we were proudly displaying our Wolfpack Pride! Free always tastes a little better.

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