Move Already

How bad is this? When we bought our Equinox right before Labor Day, we opted to keep our other vehicles...figuring we could get more selling our Civic outright instead of trading it in. That being said, I figured I could alternate between driving it and my Camry. Only one major problem - the garage is full of stuff and the driveway only has enough room for two cars. Solution, or so I thought, was to park the third vehicle on the "guest" pad down the street (visible from our house). It sounded like such a good idea. All of last week, the third car was parked at my office (it's a long story). It came home on Saturday afternoon. Wouldn't you know, all three spots on the guest pad were full. No big deal. I'd just keep an eye out and move it once an opening appeared. That was Saturday...and now it's Tuesday night. Late, late, late on Sunday (or early, early, early on Monday) one of the cars moved, only to be replaced with something else. Dang it! Somebody go somewhere already. We're doing our best to fit the Equinox in behind the two cars (at least most of it's in the driveway). This isn't an unusual site in our neighborhood, so at least it's not drawing any attention. I'm hoping there's movement in the next couple of days...I want to be able to get in and out of my driveway without having to move another car first. Argh.

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