Let Him Speak

Ok, maybe I have some bias - I did support Obama in the election and I still think I made the right decision (the idea of Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House, or even in DC, scares me).

So, when I read this article and others like it, I was a little taken aback. I'm discouraged by the lack of support for our President. I believe Obama's intentions are genuine, to inspire the children of our nation to set goals for themselves and work to their potential, individually and as a whole.

It's funny that many of the parents and outspoken conservatives are complaining that they aren't being given a chance to preview the speech to know exactly what is being said. Um, hello, when was the last time you sent your child to school and the teacher provided you a script of the teachings for the next day or week? Really? There are plenty of teachers that express their own personal opinions in the classroom setting. Why can't the President encourage our children to stay in school and get an education?

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