Flu Season

Flu season isn't a new thing...it happens every year. And, every year, I make sure that everyone in our family gets vaccinated. Abby had her vaccination a few weeks ago and Mike and I are scheduled to receive ours on Friday (assuming I can kick this "thing" I've got).

During our visit to the doctor yesterday, I was surprised out how different this flu season is from year's past. When we arrived at the doctor's office, a note was posted outside the door that read, "If your child is being seen for flu symptoms, please proceed to the back hallway and someone will be with you shortly." I'm no genius, but I don't consider myself stupid either. I wasn't sure if Abby actually had flu symptoms...fever, cough, congestion, fatigue, sore throat. Feeling a little silly, I had Abby wait in the atrium area of the building (right outside the glass doors to the doctor's office) and I popped my head in to ask what they considered flu symptoms. Glad I asked, because Abby's symptoms fit the bill.

We walked to the back entrance. In a box outside the door were masks. A note asked that everyone (patients and parents) wear one while in the office. Abby was not a fan of the masks, but they made me feel a little better...I don't want anybody else's germs anyway. Once in the room, the nurse tested Abby for the flu...by sticking a q-tip type thing up both sides of her nose. She hated this experience and was quite tearful afterwards. I tried to help her feel better, but it took a while.

Once the doctor came in, I was relieved to hear Abby didn't have the flu!!! Yeah! But, the next obvious test was for strep. Abby is not a fan of the strep test. The doctor had to bribe her to get her to open her mouth. After a few minutes, the doctor returned with lots of lollipops, a sticker, play-dough, and a zebra stamp...I wish I could get bribes for visiting the doctor. (I'd take gift cards to Target or something like that.) The result - positive for strep. At least it was something that could be treated.

Throughout the entire visit, I was constantly applying hand sanitizer to Abby and me. We smelled like pomegranates the whole time. Glad I got a new bottle for my purse for my birthday.

From the looks of the waiting area at the doctor's office, this will be a long and nasty flu season. I'm praying none of our friends or family catch it.

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