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I was determined to have a successful day at work today. The project I'm on kicked into high gear last week as we began unit integration testing. What is U/I testing, you ask? For us, it's like a light version of system testing. The system wasn't available all day on Monday and most of the day on Tuesday...putting all of us at least 2 days behind. I set a goal for myself to devote most of my workday to testing, since I knew I would be leaving early for Abby's early release day (more later). I was able to test most of the day, but I didn't get very far.

Because of the size of the project, test cases have been authored by nine project members. I never realized how much I took for granted when I tested for previous projects. Typically, my tests have been authored by co-workers that think like me. (Yes, there are a few of us that think this way!) Now, I find myself struggling to simply understand what I'm supposed to do. Later, I struggle a little more trying to figure out how.

I decided to bring work home tonight to run through a few tests. Of course, when I get settled into testing, I can't access the main system. Argh. Defeats the purpose. I'm glad I could get into one of the sub-systems and at least get through a few things. I was also able to review some reported problems and provide feedback. A few things off the to-do list for tomorrow.

After Abby's parent-teacher conference at school on Friday, Abby has been making a real effort to have green days at school - green is good. Yellow isn't good and red is BAD. As a reward, I took her to the pool this afternoon when she got home...early because Wake County is a firm believer is an early release day almost once a month. It's amazing how quickly she's gone from, "Mom, stand closer [to the wall]. I can't jump that far," to, "Back up. I can jump all by myself." My little fish was happily jumping in, diving under for rings and swimming around with her floaties. It really is fun watching her grow up, even if it comes a little too quickly.

Her first soccer practice is this Saturday at 8am. She's very excited and even spent a few hours last weekend practicing with her dad. I think she'll really enjoy soccer and will probably play again in the spring.

We had to reschedule our vacation from mid-September to Thanksgiving following Abby's virus last week. I was really looking forward to getting away shortly after my birthday, but the reschedule actually makes good financial sense too. Our hotel costs will go down by almost $200 (I guess Washington, DC isn't very busy at for me). We'll probably do a mini-vacation before Thanksgiving just to get a break from the daily stress of life, but I've very excited about the big vacation. It will be Abby's first flight and she's very interested in seeing the buildings and places she's only seen on TV. She did ask if we could take cookies to Barack Obama. It was hard not to laugh, but we tried to explain that we weren't really allowed to do that. She was disappointed but didn't press the issue.

I'm so glad that we've found a new church. I'm looking forward to Sunday School this weekend. Even better, the normal Wednesday schedules begin again at the end of August...Bible Study, Children's Choir, handbell, etc.

We had adopted a dog from Wake County (Animal Shelter) back in May...only to discover he was extremely sick, including things that could be transferred to Abby and/or us. At the vet's suggestion, we took him back to the shelter. More recently, we adopted another dog - Buck. Buck is an 18-month old shepherd mix (we think with some Bloodhound). He's about 50 lbs and very smart. When we adopted him, he was heartworm positive and had a bad upper respiratory infection. Due to the infection, he couldn't be neutered immediately, so he recently had his "surgery" and is healing well. Next Wednesday, he is scheduled for his first heartworm treatment. Due to the nature of the treatment, he has to be sedentary and un-excited for 4 weeks following the treatment. Knowing Buck, this will be a significant challenge. He loves to play catch/fetch. He bounces around the house when he's happy (which is most of the time). The best we can do is crate him (as suggested by the animal shelter and the vet), even though we hate the idea. If his heartrate goes too high after the treatment, he could get very ill and possibly die. Please pray that Buck's treatments go well and he doesn't have any negative side effects. He's a great dog and we really love having him in our family.

For those of you that don't see me regularly, I've chopped my hair off (again). It's tapered in the back, pretty short. The front is about chin length (just long enough to tuck behind my ears). I really like it because it's super easy...wash, comb, spritz and go. Best part - it's not frizzy!!! I plan on keeping it shorter until I can grow all of the color out (again). I think I'll go with a darker brown color once I can get the at-home-blonde out.

Well, I think that's enough randomness for one night...probably for a few nights. It's 10pm and I'm going to bed now...since tomorrow is Thursday and I have lots of testing to look forward too. Did I mention, I can be sarcastic at times.

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A very well-organized blog for "random". ;) the code word this time: safushe

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